About Us

About Us

As a nation, we expect no one should be left hungry or destitute. Illness, disability, family breakdown or the loss of a job can happen to any of us. We owe it to each other to make sure sufficient financial support is in place when we need it most. For too many people, staying above water is a daily struggle.

The West Cheltenham Pantry Project was conceived back in 2018 after discussions between Guinness Partnership and the Hesters Way Partnership. Both organisations realised that there was an opportunity to support the community by offering donated food to people in need. It was agreed that the relationships which would develop with residents around food could allow further advice and guidance to try to help those people with other life issues they may be facing.

The Hesters Way Partnership took the lead in trying to secure a location for the pantry in west Cheltenham but it wasn’t until 2020 that a suitable unit at the Hesters Way Community Resource Centre became available. A grant request was made to the newly established Gloucestershire Funders; The Barnwood Trust and The National Benevolent Charity duly responded and offered to support the fit out of the space. From April 1st the unit will be available and the fit out will begin.

Once signed up via a registration process pantry members will be invited to the shop to choose from fresh meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables, to the value of approximately £15, for £3.50 a week. The weekly pantry visits the will allow support workers to develop a relationship with the clients and signpost them to other services that can provide debt, housing, mental health and family support. The Pantry opening days and times are yet to be confirmed but its likely to be Wednesdays-Fridays 

If you, or someone you know, wants to become a member of our Pantry Project please contact Ami Walker ami.walker@hwpartnership.org.uk

We would like to thank the multitude of organisations which make up the Cheltenham Community Food Network and especially The Trussell Trust, FareShare and CCP in particular who have offered invaluable administrative support, advice and guidance.

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